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Has anybody fitted this muffler?

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Has anybody tried the Gravely 018543 muffler onto their machine? I think I am going to give it a shot on my 16/6 Tecumseh and am looking to see if anyone else has done this. I know the inlet size is different but nothing that can't be overcome easily. The overall size is similar to what was on the tractor originally, or at least when I got mine. Heck, it can even be oriented for a mini stack.


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On my old Murray 16hp twin has two pepper cans...The new 26hp GT6000 has one 4"x5"x10" muffler..Out of the two,,Both are loud but Murray has a deeper tone I can live with...The GT6000 muffler must go..Annoying loud tinny sound at idle..more rpm and the higher tinny sound it makes..It sounds like thousands of wind chimes dragging under the tractor..
Did anyone hear the Super Trapp Quiet Mufflers I found at
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Did you find a quieter muffler yet ?..The ones I find that they say are quieter are too much $$$ without a guaranty to be quiet though..
1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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