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Has anybody fitted this muffler?

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Has anybody tried the Gravely 018543 muffler onto their machine? I think I am going to give it a shot on my 16/6 Tecumseh and am looking to see if anyone else has done this. I know the inlet size is different but nothing that can't be overcome easily. The overall size is similar to what was on the tractor originally, or at least when I got mine. Heck, it can even be oriented for a mini stack.


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Will do. I'm hoping its quieter than the common pepper can mufflers - even just a little.
I have that muffler on my 12horse Sears in my avatar. I made it into a stack, and yes it is much quieter than the "pepper can" mufflers.
.... quieter before or after the longer pipe to create the taller stack? (seems like a logical question to me). I plan on keeping mine horizontal adding a short curved tail piece angled away from the tractor but still toward the ground.
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Don't know how much the stacks run but I found it for $36 including shipping - half of what most retailers were selling for.
The one on its way to me is listed as manufactured by Sunbelt. I've seen alot of them made by Stens at almost twice the cost. Now I've got to wonder about the quality of each name brand given the price differential. I did notice some relaitvely minor design differences in the in and out pipes.
Well, ya learn something new everyday! Never knew that.
I installed the muffler yesterday. It is definitely quieter than the pepper pots. I can't say exactly how much so but it is much more tolerable. I have it temporarily (I think) plumbed so it is outside the hood, unlike stock. It will fit under the hood but a tailpiece for the exhaust side is a must in this case. If it isn't curved down and out the nose will get cooked, and I imagine any wiring up front will burn.

However I do have an issue. The muffler is glowing red. If i remember correctly that could mean carb adjustment, exhaust valve seat, or a cheap metal muffler.
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Tahoe, where in Ohio? I'm just off I271 about 12 miles north of the 271/71 interchange.
OK, so this is my opinion of this muffler for the OH160 - it's too small/restrictive. I expect that Gravely engines are similar in displacement as the Tecumseh on my 16/6, and this muffler was listed for 12 to 16 hp gravely machines. When I put the pepper pot muffler back on it didn't get nearly as hot. Now I am aware that the carb could stand for a rebuild and the engine has 35 years of work under its tins but I don't think running lean or a bad valve seat had so much to do with this muffler getting cherry red. Live and learn. I'll look into some ATV mufflers or a supertrapp if the neighbors complain - until then its the pepper pot.

Anybody need a muffler?
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I spent a few years in Medina but moved on. I'm 40 minutes northwest of there via our illustrious highway system in Macedonia, a smaller community north of Akron.
I have not found a muffler but in truth I really haven't looked too much. It seems that my research is mostly looking at pictures of different tractors to find something along the lines of what I'm looking for. My wallet really doesn't like the idea of a SuperTrapp.
I considered the AC-1 but would rather have a muffler in the stock position under the hood. I have enough low overhead obstacles and with my luck I would tear a stack right off. Second choice is just outside the hood as pictured in my avatar. The one in the picture is the Gravely muffler that didn't work out. Maybe my best option is to get my eyes on the AC-1 with a tape measure in hand and see if it will fit how I want just outside the hood. I know I'm being picky but I want what I want.
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