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Does anyone know if the "Quick Click" (I think that is what it's called) style hanging bracket fertilizer spreader would work on the 300 Series tractors? I've got a 332 (*new to me*) and my neighbor has a newer x728 with this feature that sure seams to beat the pants off of the tow behind options.

Just curious if this could work or not, or if there is another solution / option out there for us die hard 30 year old machine lovers.

Also I've read up on most of the posts that I can find around the tow behind options, and it seems like our group is split 50/50 on the Spyker Spreader versus the Brinley one; however when I looked them up they look identical - am I missing something? Also neither of these look to have stainless steel gears like the grandy one that someone posted about - wouldn't that be the best product out there?

Thanks for your help - as always this group rocks!:trink39:
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