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Hang it up for the season

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Who has hung it up for the season?

Saw this on a social media page I follow. Seems like a decent idea if you have it secured well to the wall and the lift is rated for the load. I wouldn't, but to each his own.


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I’m done with mowing in Michigan. Snowblower will be put on today. I like the wall rig. The base has casters too. Maybe big snowblower gets stored on it during mowing season?.
Looks sketchy. I prefer a large garage and a shed. :tango_face_wink:
I would like something like that to do tractor maintenance on.
when I had a small garage I used to take my snowmobiles and hook them to boat winches in the rafters and hang them on the side of the garage wall
From the looks, I'd say it is engineered pretty well. Electric lift with a double pulley system, heavy cables, most likely a slide rack/fork system to get it on and off. JMO
I'd prefer support legs on the front - would prevent me from walking into it when the car is not parked - but I like the idea! My garage has 10' ceilings so years ago I built a 5' x 9' loft of sorts on the back wall. I can store the snow blower, push mower, tractor cart, etc. under there and still have space above it. Trouble is, it's become a catch-all since I never really organized it well. It's on next summer's do-over list.
Yea, either extra lockable support legs or safety chains just to have peace of mind, but it made have something we can't see already.
Aw, now that's just downright mean. Is there an ASPCJD? -American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to John Deeres-
Look at the bright side if it falls the car will stop it from hitting the floor.
Murph, You are a true optimist. Love it!! :tango_face_devil:
Look at the bright side if it falls the car will stop it from hitting the floor.
That looks like a PIA. You would have to move both cars out of the garage just to cut the grass.
My answer is use the tractor mounted blower!...

A car gets a garage bay, a tractor should have a shed. Afterall.. what if your tractor is scared of heights, no one thought about that!!!!
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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