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As with a child and his first bike ride-driving a lawn tractor does not happen UNTIL the child is big enough where their feet can reach the petals. That is what I used to tell them when they saw an older child driving "Yellow Belly" and they wanted a turn.

One of my sons was by and we determined that it was easy (no brainer) to add hand controls and he made and painted them with what he had on HAND a pretty good match (my weight box welder son).

This little riding mower is sooo low geared an adult or older child can walk beside it (on the hand control side I might add) to take control of things get out of HAND.

They are tested over and over before they are turned loose starting in a very limited area. It helped when I painted the controls with a bit of green and red. Also they have to be big enough and heavy enough for the seat safety switch to work before they on their own. In the last photo you see Yellow Belly waiting- a few grand kids are due any minute.


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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