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Halogen Headlight Upgrade Kit?

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I thought I read something somewhere about a halogen headlight upgrade kit for John Deere GTs, but I cannot find anything in the JD parts list.

Anyone know anything about this? I would love to have brighter lights on my GX255.

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Can you just replace your bulbs with LED's
much brighter and less amps
LED's are not halogen lamps. While LED's are the winner for efficiency, I know of no LED lamp replacement that can match say a 50W Halogen lamp for luminance. Also LED's have a fairly narrow off-axis light output certainly much less than an incandescent lamp.

Grassmaster, I'm not aware of a JD specific replacement but that's not to say there isn't something out there that will serve as a upgrade replacement that doesn't require any mods.
I think most auto parts stores carry direct replacement halogen bulbs that will fit.
As far as the JD GX retrofit kit that I bought 3 years ago, it's not offered anymore. It contained 2 35w halogen bulbs and the necessary socket adapters, HEAT SHIELDS and pigtail. I think its gone since the newer tractors have them as standard equipment. I'd advise being careful of halogens in standard sockets without the heatshields. They make mucho heato!

Much better light for night manouvers but I should have added auxilliary aimable lights instead. Hydro-Mary didn't want to drill holes in his nice new plastic hood. (WIMP!) I still may yet if I find a complimentary shape light.:D

If anyone wants the JD parts number let me know and I'll post it, I kept the box. I doubt if any dealers would have any in stock as it was a factory order by the dealer.

Call your local JD dealer and ask the saleperson to order (problably won't hurt to confirm) BM21289 Halogen Headlight kit. I have it installed on my GT245 and they are bright!

Hopes this helps. :thThumbsU
I have two 35W floods from my older tractor. Can I run them on my GT235? I don't want to drain the battery.
The 235 has a 15 or 20 amp charging cct on it so the 2 35w lights will only draw abt 6 amps total so you have lots of reserve..
The JD halogen headlight kit is still available. Your dealer most likely would have to special order them.
I called my JD dealer today and gave him the BM # listed earlier. He said that he doesn't show a kit for my 345. Darn.
Just be careful putting in halogen capsules in lamp sockets not intended for them. They get significantly hotter than regular bulbs, and will melt the housings.
I purchased the BM21289 Halogen light kit for my GX345 last year. It was a snap to install and it makes a BIG difference. Have your dealer look in the non-current parts book. Mine (PowderMill Equipment, Maynard, MA) found it right away.

Good luck!
Dave Shaver,

I looked at the instructions of this kit and it has installation sections for the 400 series, GX and 300 series tractor. This kit should install with no problems.
Thanks to all! Drove to JD dealer today and said to the parts guys, (I have gotten to know them all by name, that's not good,huh?) that you guys said this was available and where to look. They kept coming up with a replacement headlight for the 425, 455,etc. Then a lady who has been there a while heard us and came over to look at the BM # and said you guys need to go to the blah, blah inventory factory parts or something like that. A guy in the sales dept. got on his computer, followed her instructions and voila, THE KIT IS ORDERED!!!!
Another case of, it ain't in my computer so it doesn't exist. WRONG!
Thanks again guys!
I believe they said $44 plus shipping from JD factory. This is a company named Atlantic Tractor. They have bought most of the JD dealers in the MD, DE, SE PA, etc. area. I bet they get list plus.........
Yes, it would have to be ordered through the sales dept. It is something that the parts dept cannot order.
One of the site sponsors, has them! I ordered mine today!

That reminds me I have to take my hood off and clean out the headlights again before winter. Maybe I'll seal them with a bead of something gooey and not too strong. They fill up with lots of dust over the summer, enough to kill the benefits of the upgrade.
After reading this post I ordered one last week, $45 plus the governor's cut, dealer said about 10 days to get in.
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