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Had a good chuckle

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A funny little story. A friend was telling me he talked to a guy selling a 9N who claims it's a 1940 "9N Super". Said he had one as a kid, and recently found this one to restore and sell. After about the 5th 9N was made, Ford added the "9N Super" to the line to help make the tractor more appealing so sales would be higher. Improvements included a larger hydraulic pump with a larger piston, to allow it to lift more. Just a little nicer tractor overall, but he wasn't sure what else was "Super" about it. If you drive a 9N and 9N Super, you won't tell much difference, he says. It even has a little cursive "Super" script on the cute...guess I missed out learning about these rare "9N Supers" over all these years. My friend said he did know the 9N came before the 2N, then the 8N came after that, but I smiled again when he said he told him the "8N Jubilee" came out in 1952.
He said he never said anything...just let him tell his sales pitch. Pretty entertaining.
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