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H4518H mower deck lift rod removal?

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The shop manual says to remove them and measure/adjust their lengths when leveling the deck. The illustration as well as the one at suggest that they must each be lifted all the way up so the bigger hole at the bottom end of the slot can slip over the pin that holds it. I don't seem to be able to get there. Guessing the rear fender needs removal to make this happen. Anyone have a better approach?
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With the deck removed, can you (CAREFULLY) push the lever back the the "Full Down" position and get the rods off? Be EXTRA CAREFUL putting the lever back to the "Full Up" position, because without the deck weight hanging on it, the lever can come up forcefully enough to sprain your wrist! Since my deck is off right now, I'm going to go try removing the rear lift rods and will get back to you.

To remove the rear deck lift rods, my H4518H manual, dated 1995 says the following;

Step One: Remove the seat/rear fender (Page 16-8)
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I just confirmed that the left lift rod can be removed but the right one can not be removed without at LEAST loosening the seat/rear fender... I don't believe you would need to be completely remove it, just raise it up about 4 inches for the lift rod to clear the retainer. I think it could be done without requiring the disconnection of everything needed to completely remove the fender/seat.
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I decided it would be quicker for me to remove the fender than to figure out whether it could be done without. Man, did it need cleaning under there. Practice run for the transmission yoke & filter, brake shoe replacement, and a permanent fix for the jumpered parking brake switch.

Also swapped in the less worn hitch plate from the 4013 parts mower. Bonus: the bagger support tubes are going to support a cargo tray courtesy of a couple of MCT couplers for metro shelf pole shorts.
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