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H4514 Crank Seal

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Does anyone know if the front crank seal is still available? I looked at and I didn't see it. My new (to me) H4514 has an oil leak out the front seal. I'm doing some work on the clutch and figure since I'm there I'd replace it. If it is not available, does anyone have one they would sell? :praying:
Thanks! Dennie

Forget it guys! I found one at
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I did my 4518 before christmas . The outer edge of seal has a ridge.....tried to press it in.....leaked. Had to re order....split bases to put seals in. All good now.
Not sure what clutch work you're at....but for a few bucks more and a couple can drill out bearings...bolt it back together. This would be the time to do it. Just some food for thought.
I did do that, boy what a difference that made!
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