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H16 value?

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Went and looked at a H16 today. Starts up and motor sounds good, no issues there. 1 bad front tire, its completly bald is about all I could find wrong. Other then that it seems pretty decent. Comes with a blower and mower deck.. no wheel weights or chains. Now the infamous question.... whats it really worth, asking$1200 said he doesnt think he can go below $800
I am still thinking he is somewhat high from what I have seen selling on ebay and other places... any thoughts?
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In PA Bolens seem pretty plentiful, esp. compared to here, I was looking around and saw this one which is a deal in these parts. To bad they never come up in these parts, The H-16 seems a bit high to me. One thing to be aware of with the H-16 is if the serial # starts with a 2 the hydro filters can no longer be found. Heres a great looking tube frame.
The not available filter is a Fram P1659 They used two types on the H16's The NLA looks more like a fuel filter with a fitting on each end. Others used a spin on type which is very available. All you have to do is look in the tool box area if you see no filter it has the inline set up. Only fix I am aware of involves changing filter base to spin on type. There are threads here explaining that process.
The NLA filter is a Fram P1659. H16's used 2 types, one an inline type filter with a fitting on each end (Fram P1569) the others used a spin on type that is very available. There are threads here explaining changing the filter base to spin on type which is only fix I am aware of. I suppose if you wanted it to look stock you would need to change at least the seat support as well.
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