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H16 value?

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Went and looked at a H16 today. Starts up and motor sounds good, no issues there. 1 bad front tire, its completly bald is about all I could find wrong. Other then that it seems pretty decent. Comes with a blower and mower deck.. no wheel weights or chains. Now the infamous question.... whats it really worth, asking$1200 said he doesnt think he can go below $800
I am still thinking he is somewhat high from what I have seen selling on ebay and other places... any thoughts?
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thanks for the info on the filters, def did not know that!
Thanks for the input madd man, I think I am gonna keep looking. He still has the tractor sitting out(know this cause I pass it everyday). Anyway I have a feeling it may be there a while.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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