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H16 value?

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Went and looked at a H16 today. Starts up and motor sounds good, no issues there. 1 bad front tire, its completly bald is about all I could find wrong. Other then that it seems pretty decent. Comes with a blower and mower deck.. no wheel weights or chains. Now the infamous question.... whats it really worth, asking$1200 said he doesnt think he can go below $800
I am still thinking he is somewhat high from what I have seen selling on ebay and other places... any thoughts?
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You said H16, correct? Hydro tubeframe w/16 Tecumseh OHV? I'm in western PA. (Gibsonia) and that seems way hi. Even $800 is a little high. Snowblowers for that are up on CL frequently for $250, this year with less snow, I've seen 'em $175. I have an H16and I was able to cross reference my filter with something from Advance(can't remember where). I think the biggest thing to watch(besides hydro) is the Tecumseh OH160. When they get time and abuse on them the seals on the lifter tubes(and others) go out, and they start throwing oil, which some goes on the PTO belts and they slip and wear out. Carbs act up and kits for the Walbro are hard to find(they can be had). Internal engine parts like rods can't be had. Chances are the valves need adjusted. Also be sure the heavy muffler is braced up or the threads on the alum. head will strip and you can only put a bolt w/nut on one side to hold manifold/exhaust pipe to the head. The valve for the bladelift will often be leaking by now, and the traction control side of the rear axle will probably leak or it's getting ready to. If you push dirt or hit something hard, the bolts for the front axle(cast iron) may strip, so built some braces/gussetts from blade mount pins up to frame. They are workhorses if you can fix 'em, but be prepared for some leaks and some repairs/tinkering. I bought mine with ag tires, and a snowblade($50-$150) a year ago for $150. Decks to me aren't as important, they are complicated to mount and the big gearbox robs power. I mow with my 14xl or 1468
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