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H14 & H15

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I have found a person with an H14 & H15 for sale. He said that the H14 & H15 have interchangable parts, just the engines are different HP. I have heard of H16 & H14 being the same, but I have not hears that H15 is the same? Will H15 parts fit an H14??
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I can't find a model H15,I think he's confused.:drunkie:
Do you mean a 1556 (H15)? This a little older than the H14/16. Different color scheme and such. The 1556 is a 1972 and came after the 1257 (1970) and before the H14/16. The 1256 and 1556 were available in 1972 as hydro models. I am pretty sure alot of the parts are gonna be the same on the H14 and 1556.
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I told the guy that I had not heard of an H15, but he assured me they were the same. I have asked him to e-mail me a picture of the H15.
Did the H15 have an Eaton 10 hydro??
H15 Picture

Here is a picture of the H15, will the parts fit my H14 ?? The engine has a bad "knock"- he is not sure what is causing it. He is asking $200.00, looking for feedback.


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