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GX335 / Plow...need your opinion

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Found some great advice on this forum and eager to learn more. Here's my next dilemma...

I have a GX335 with hydrostatic drive. I have a pretty good size garden and would love to be able to plow the thing instead of simply tilling the thing in the fall. I have been told however, that using a plow behind my GX335 would wear out my hydrostatic drive. Can't afford a tiller to go behind my garden tractor but can afford a single bottom plow.

I have tractor tread type tires...locking differential, and rear weights, if I should need them.

So what do ya think?
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So what do ya think?
I think that if you use your tractor, it will surely wear out......period. So keep it parked to make it last:biglaugh:

Go for the plow, it isn't going to damage the tranny, any more than pulling a loaded wagon, or using a box blade. The GX is pretty beefy and plow, cultivators and discs are listed as accessories for it.
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You will just need the integral hitch for it. But the one for your GX will wear out your arm. So you may want to look at this Aftermarket electric lift sleeve Hitch made for the GX series here a link By the way I plow my garden with a 1974 140H3 which has a hydrostatic trans and its 35years old and still going strong. The 140H3 and my Cub Cadet 106 which is a gear driver plow my 3acre garden before I till it each year. I use the Cub in the spring and use the Deere 140H3 in the fall. You'll have fun plowing with the GX. Might as well use the tractor for what it was intended to be used for. :thThumbsU
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That settles it....I'll be plowing this fall! With the electric hitch, by the way.
Welcome to the world of Garden tractor plowing ww8423. :thThumbsU
The GX335 uses the k58 trans and is too light to plow. Which is basically a revision of the k46 with a spool(don't quote me). IMO you will burn it up. Its just not meant to do ground engaging work. The 140h3 trans is tough as rail road iron.

On the contrary I saw a like brand new john deere tiller for the gx325-335-345 for $250. I saw another one for $500 just out of the wrapper. They were on craigslist.
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I thought KX's came with K71 or 72's?
Either way they are Garden tractors and can plow a garden for sure.

The GX335 uses a either a K71a or K71c depending on seriel Number.
Tractors that use the K58 in Deere are
and the X304 2007 and prior used the K58
Before the X300 series lawn tractors Deere did not use the K58 series. The K58 replace the K62 which was used in the LX200 series Lawn tractors.
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doh! I hate it when I make this kind of mistake.
doh! I hate it when I make this kind of mistake.
I made a mistake one time also and I know how you feel:ROF slkpk
I made a mistake one time also and I know how you feel:ROF slkpk
Was that the time you thought you were wrong, but you weren't?:sidelaugh
Well either way it sounds like the advise I am getting is to get that sleeve hitch made and plow bought and to get busy turnin some dirt over! What a delightful sound to my ears because that tiller is going to drive me to an early grave if I have to keep on using that thing for everything in the garden!
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ww8423 I take it you have a front tine tiller that takes you for a ride? I have one myself. I wish I had a rear tine a BCS or a Troy-Bilt.
Yes...A front tine craftsman the machine itself...wife bought it for me for Christmas one year, years ago and it has been a great machine over the years. Sure, the occassional tine breaks off the tine axle but that's why I have an old Lincoln welder...Ha ha

When I was a yonger man it was no prblem to run that tiller with a beer in one hand and the tiller in the that I have reached the 46 year level of life all I want is something easier and a cold glass of sun tea sitting in the cupholder of my GX335.

Do I hear an AMEN!?
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Mines a MTD yard machine front tine I use to cultivate with when the corn get's to high to cultivate with my JD 140.
Heres your AMEN.:Tractor2:
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