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Gtx 1054 and snow blower problem

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Hi. I have a new GTX1054 Cub Cadet tractor. I bought the MTD 2 stage snow blower, 190-032. I installed the set and everything went on basically with out a problem. The problem is the final belt, spindle to blower is way too loose. It barely touches the sprung twin idler pulleys.

I checked the belt number and it is correct for my application. The last thing I can think of is the little blurb in the blower installation instructions about 700 series tractors. Which number do I use to determine if this is a 700 series tractor? Do I use the serial number or the model number?

It seems the 700 series set up would move the ilder assembly back about an inch and that might take up the improper slack in the spindle to blower belt. I set it up for the non 700 series tractor, using all four mount pins and it doesn't work, the belt is way too loose. Thanks for any help on this.

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Since it's the MTD snowblower, the 700 Series tractors they are talking about are these:

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And that design is quite similar to your GTX1054. I'd give the other configuration a shot!
But my tractor is white/yellow not

Cool. Thanks for the answer. I was suspecting that might be the case. The part number and the model number do not have "sevens" in the numbers. The serial number does, in the fifth from the left slot(where it is suggested it should be if it is a 700 series), so I think you may be right. I will give it a try.

The power dealer I bought both items from will not help me unless I have them trailer it to their shop....

Thanks again.
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That sucks - they wouldn't even talk you through it over the phone? Well, good luck, and let us know how it goes. The LT market is saturated with MTD, so its stands to reason that they'd make a snowblower that'd fit more than a couple models. A lot of the LTs out there now are virtually identical except for cosmetic differences.
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The front desk help there seems lacking. The guy I was on the phone with couldn't picture what I was describing.

Anyway, I tried setting it up in the 700 series configuration and it wasn't right. So I reinstalled the idler system back the way I had it.

I pulled the diagram out again for the blower and laid under the tractor for about 15 minutes. At some point I disconnected the twin idler spring and moved the idler around and then I saw it. The spring was mounted in reverse from the factory, where it attached to the anchor bolt. Once I pushed the idler into the proper orientation as shown in the instructions, I could see the problem with the spring. I reversed the direction of the spring and it lined up right and the blower works fine now!

A Christmas miracle save for the spring popping off while I installed it and the end going through my thumb like a huge fishhook. Pulled the spring out of my thumb and wrapped in in a rag while I continued on...

Got the chains on and the weight on the back! All ready for snow now!

Thanks for your help, jsoluna.
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OOOOOOOOHH!!!! I'm cringing right now! I hate finger wounds - and I've done so many drum brakes that have similar springs....that EXACT scenario has happened to me several times. I feel your pain. Take care of that wound by getting some seat time in the snow! :)

Congrats and gettin' her figured out!
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We had our first snow since last October, this past Saturday. We had five inches a wet snow. It was a good break in run for the new Snowthrower attachment. It worked very well, finishing the drive in half the time it took me before with my Toro walk behind.

Just have to tweak the slide bars on the bottom edge of the blower housing to get the cut closer to the ground...

Nice unit, worked great!
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I have both a blade and snow blower for my cub 3235, I use both throughout the winter depending on the depth of the snow recived from any snow fall.

Nice thing about the 3235 is the quick change between the blade and blower unit, less then 10 minutes from blade to blower or back.
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