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Alright so I've learned quite a bit about small engines thanks to this machine, and also about who to trust when buying a used one. So the engine in my machine is a Kohler Command CV730S its a good engine (when it runs properly) the problem or problems I've been finding are mostly due to the previous owner who if I see again will probably get my 3lb drilling hammer to the side of his head.

Anyways my latest problem is dealing with the wiring harness that attaches to the two coils on the engine. It has been gnawed clean down to the aluminum wire on the white lead running between the coils which I'm assuming after replacing both coils is the reason I still have no spark on one side. Does anyone know what gauge wire is used in the harness and if its alright to replace using stranded copper of the same gauge as I have a ton of it laying around.

Either that or anyone know where I can buy the harness for cheap other then eBay.

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