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GT5000 running issues

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I have a 04/05 (not sure which) GT5000 with the hydro trans that will start fine but will stall out when I try to release the brake lever. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated...
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If the engine is lurching stopped (like popping a clutch in 4th in a manual car) then you may have stuck transmission or drive belt

It might be a bad seat safety switch (thinking you are not in the seat when you release the brake)

Or they might be all working (tranny and seat switch) and your engine is only working at 20% capacity and it can no longer turn the tranny. Do both plugs look the same?

I'm leaning safety switch, though.
What is the possibility it is the safety switch under the brake pedal, I took it out and held it in manually and it will stay running and will drive fine. As soon as I let go of that switch, everything dies... You mentioned safety switch under seat, I also found out I can not engage deck. It tries to start blades but will kill the motor. Motor seems to be running at full capacity. I should have added in 1st post, I have the 26 hp. Briggs. Thanks
I'm not an expert, but the way I look at it, your brake switch is good.

The brake switch essentially overrides the seat switch, allowing you to engage the brake, keep the engine running while you step off the mower. But If you do that (brake and get off) with the pto/blades engaged it will stop the engine.

It may help to locate your manual at and look over the part diagrams / scematic to find your seat switch or a broken wire going to that switch. I guess that could all tie into something more complex like the ignition (key).
I second the seat switch or operator presence switch.
As mentioned the seat switch has to be made (operator present in seat) for the tractor to operate with the PTO engaged or to drive without he parking brake set.

Try and pull it out of the seat and see if it moves freely. You can also test it with a meter to see if it changes continuity. Some switches are normally closed and others normally open dependent on the year and model.
Well, Allen and No Time, Once again I would like to kick my one track mind right in the Butt !! I went out and started playing with the seat switch (against my better judgement) and you two were absolutely correct. The previous owner had broken the clip off the plug so it had wiggled lose and was no longer making a connection. I also found where he had somehow brought the seat down on the wires and crimped (almost cut) the wires. I cleaned the connections on plug and zip tied it together and also repaired the 2 wires. Now everything works perfectly again. I want to thank you two again, You both have got to be an assett to this forum ! Thanks, Larry
Glad to hear you got her running! And thanks!
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