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GT275 Traction Belt doesnt run smooth

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Good Morning,

First time poster, I appreciate everyones insight. I went back several pages and searched but probably don't know the right terminology.

I am the second owner of the above machine. Overall a pretty good machine, I've kept the maint up on it as much as I know how.

I have done most of the maint since I've owned it. I use it to cut a small ( in relationship to most here) yard, but, I have a big hill which is the most important reason for the large tractor.

I have noticed that the traction belt doesnt run smooth, it bounces around crazy between the pulleys and sheaves. I replaced the belt and it still does it. I've also replaced the bushings on the idler arm and ordered a new spring. When the mower is running, I can pull the idler arm and get more tension on the idler and things smooth out a bit. So, we'll see.

How do you diagnose worn pulleys and sheaves? They all seem to spin fine without any grinding or noise, how do you determine if the opening is too worn out? I'm wondering if they are so worn out that the channel the belts ride in are going too far in and pinching inside the pulley.

I could begin replacing them all, but, i hate throwing money at it until it goes away.

Any thoughts you all might have would be greatly appreciated.

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I think it is normal for the belt to bounce around, especially on the slack side. You might want to check all the pulleys, especially the one at the back of the tractor, to make sure nothing is hung up in it. stuff like gum balls and pine cones and such have gotten into mne before. Check to see if any of the pulleys are bent.

If the pulleys don't have bushings you can tell if they are worn out if they sit kinda sideways when tension is applied, they will tilt downward on one side, the other will be tilted upwards, but I am sure you knmow that already.
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