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GT235 Not Starting

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I am a new member looking for some guidance. My neighbors gave me their 2002 GT235 B&S. It ran fine until it decided not to start. Will not turn over. I have purchased a Service Manual on Ebay, but it's not here yet. Two main fuses are good. I have checked the battery and the main power to the solenoid and it is fine. The small wire to the solenoid is not getting any juice when I turn the ignition. I shorted across the two main solenoid lugs and the starter spins, but it does not engage the engine, just spins. Starter and battery are new (replaced by previous owner). I also have the old starter, which also spins when I short across the two main lugs. While I await the Service Manual (coming from Canada, ugh) any suggestions on next steps? I know they took good care of this thing and they are the original owners. They had JD service it. The only thing really beat up is the hood and that's from the wife driving under trees and bushes. I'm looking forward to getting this thing going and having a real lawnmower.
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I wanted to follow up and let you know what I found. I got the service manual and did some electrical troubleshooting. I identified the ignition switch as the likely culprit. When I put a jumper around it, the motor would crank. Got a new ignition switch module with the Printed Circuit Board Assembly (couldn't get just the key switch). Engine started right away. Only problem is that fuel started pouring out around the carburetor. I think there is a fuel line crack/break. Good to know I have something to keep me busy.
The tractor will now start and runs great for a few seconds, then fuel begins pouring out (not dripping out) of what appears to be the carburetor vent hose (small rubber hose attached to the carburetor). At that point, the engine starts running rough and smoke gets black, which seems to indicate a rich condition. Vent hose is not blocked. I have searched through the service manual and no information on this issue. I was dinking around and took off the pulse line to the fuel pump to see what would happen. The tractor ran great for several minutes and then died. I expected it to starve for fuel, but it ran well until that happened. I'd appreciate any help on this.
Thanks denverguy, you were spot on. To minimize disassembly, I only took off the carb bowl and judiciously sprayed carb cleaner into the carb needle valve area and on float attach/movement area. Engine now runs great. Note that I found that tightening the solenoid until it is snug and then tightening the rest of the way with the engine running helped me get it tightened for proper engine running.

Now, I just need to purchase a full hood assembly and I have a really nice "free" lawnmower.
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