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GT235 Not Starting

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I am a new member looking for some guidance. My neighbors gave me their 2002 GT235 B&S. It ran fine until it decided not to start. Will not turn over. I have purchased a Service Manual on Ebay, but it's not here yet. Two main fuses are good. I have checked the battery and the main power to the solenoid and it is fine. The small wire to the solenoid is not getting any juice when I turn the ignition. I shorted across the two main solenoid lugs and the starter spins, but it does not engage the engine, just spins. Starter and battery are new (replaced by previous owner). I also have the old starter, which also spins when I short across the two main lugs. While I await the Service Manual (coming from Canada, ugh) any suggestions on next steps? I know they took good care of this thing and they are the original owners. They had JD service it. The only thing really beat up is the hood and that's from the wife driving under trees and bushes. I'm looking forward to getting this thing going and having a real lawnmower.
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Most likely a stuck inlet needle valve in the carburetor. The needle (and seat if it has one) could also be worn out. I suggest pulling the carb bowl, removing the float, pull the needle valve then spray with carb cleaner.

Clean the bowl, replace and try again. You might need a new bowl gasket depending on the age of the carb/gasket.

As you are doing the work, look for signs that the fuel lines may be degrading. They can shed and the debris can prevent the needle valve from seating. If they are in poor condition, I would replace them.
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