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GT Reproductions

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Hey guys Jeremy sold his side business making the MF-10 thru MF-16 headlight bezels and steering wheel caps.

If any one is interested please send an email to [email protected].

At the present time we can reproduce the Headlight Bezel (trim) and steering wheel caps. The bezels come in a red tint but will probably need painted to get a good color match. We can make the caps in black, red or clear. We’re checking into decals to put on the caps but nothing firm yet. We were told that the cap will fit other brands but don't have a list of compatability yet.

We are thinking of adding the front wheel spindle caps (not sure what exact name is) but that would be a few months out. We're open to suggestions on other Massey parts or other brand parts that are needed. We have a MF-10, MF-14 and Wheel Horse C160. We’re not familiar with others, that's where we rely on input from you guys who have them. Once we get suggestions we have to look into trademark, copyright and other legal stuff so we can't make a determination on feasibility of production for a bit.

GT Productions
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Greetings, GTReproductions, and welcome to MTF. Glad you found us and jumped in.

Sounds like you might have a lucrative business starting up. Might be quite a demand for your products. Should you like to continue any form of advertising here on MTF, please contact the site owner for information regarding the particulars involved, or PM the VerticalScope rep member PhilipB. He will be able to get you in touch with the advertising department for all info needed.
:MTF_wel2:Glad you joined!
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