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I know the tire size(16x6.50-8) but, I also have seen some affordable aftermarket wheel and tire sets from places like amazon.
Does anyone know of the right aftermarket front combo that would fit my tractor? Or how to measure the axle/bearing size to select it? Not sure that confirms the offset though. I’d like to have a set to pop on now with out the tire change hassle and then get some tires on the others later as spares if these start to leak.

I think these might fit?

2 PACK MARASTAR 16x6.50-8 Front Tire Assembly Replacement for John Deere Riding Mowers


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Your in the right place, I don't think many have put generic wheels on there Deere's I'd take a wild guess your tractor has metric bearings about 25mm and there is no or close to no offset.
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