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Hi Guys,
Last night while mowing for the first time in over a month, the PTO belt snapped. I have an '06 with about 75 hours on it. I'm not exactly sure what caused the belt to go (will look into that more when I install a replacement), but it disintegrated in grand fashion - not a pleasant experience. So after cleaning bits of belt out of the engine, I fired it back up to take it back into the garage. I had trouble disengaging the parking brake (I had stopped on a slight incline) and then when it did disengage, the throttle pedal was sticking and only by pressing the brake could I get the tractor to stop moving forward. In the garage, I lowered the deck and noticed a small extension spring sitting on top of the deck. I'm hoping my problem is as simple as the belt letting go displaced this spring. Trouble I'm having, though, is I can't see where it goes. Have any of you guys experienced this? From looking at diagrams, it looks like an extension spring attached to the 'cruise rod'.

Any insight is very greatly appreciated. Great forum - need to spend some more time here. With the summer we've had, the GT 2542 has been more or less out of sight, out of mind!

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