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Gt 2500

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I was told about a Wheel Horse gt2500 garden tractor. I was wondering what the looked like if anyone has a picture? I think it has a briggs engine in it. Does this tractor come with just an 8 speed or did they make it in a hydro as well?
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The GT-2500 was only made in 1981 and only had an 8-speed. The model number is 01-11B804. Couldn't find a picture of it but here's a 1982 GT-1142 it should be similar:
You could also look on the Toro site parts breakdown under sheet metal for a rough idea. Here's the link;
Thanks Buzz. Do you happen to know what it is worth? It has a mower deck with it I think it is a 36 or a 38 not sure. How good are those Briggs engines they put in them?
We still see a couple of those "Work Horse" series tractors in for service, those engines are pretty much garbage. If it in good working shape with a deck it's worth maybe 300-500$. The opposed twin briggs was an awful engine.
I found a picture of one and it did not look like the mid to late 80s work horse. It was on and it looked like it had a cast iron briggs in it. If this is what it is what do you guys think of this one?wheel horse GT 2500 anniversary ED - $750 (Bloomingburg)

go back and copy and paste the tractor i looked but theres a few
Thanks Busted Horse. Yes that is what it is the owner just sent me pictures today. The one on craigslist looks alot better. His needs repainted no biggy. Also the deck needs patching, gas tank switched back to origanal, and is missing some parts for the deck adjustment. What do you guys think it is worth?
not worth 750.00 more like 150.00 with all you say is needed

but then again Im into round hoods

thanks Turk
Thanks oldandred. The one for 750 is just a picture I found of the 2500 but that is not the one i'm looking at.
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