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GT 1860, should I consider it?

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The asking price is $4000. Is this a good deal? I want to upgrade from my Craftsman 42" cut 15.5 HP B&S.

I recently joined this site when I was looking at a B6100 (SCT) with a FEL and pull behind finish mower ($5900). That deal got away, and maybe it was for the best. So here I am here I am again.

I own about an acre and a third in the country in central FL. It's not a manicured lawn, but not brush either. I was looking for a sub compact tractor, but the new ones are more than I want to spend, and used...well my wife says I have enough projects. Unless I find a good classic (then I will make a new hobby for myself). To be realistic, I think a sub compact tractor may be overkill. I guess it’s just a guy thing.

I mostly mow, pull a cart, would like to drag a disk, maybe a roller, and a tiller for a garden. A FEL would be nice, but again this is overkill for my actual needs. I do have a road that can use grading from time to time, but its not my primary concern right now. ZTR’s are nice, but I still like to feel like I am on a tractor vs. a mower.

I came upon a one owner Kubota GT 1860 with a 54" deck. Not 4wd, but does have hydrostat transmission and electric power steering. Comes with an extra set of blades. It has 140 hrs, always kept in a garage, over maintained and has all the manuals. The owner was introduced to me by a local Kubota dealer that is trying to sell the owner a tractor/backhoe. I was skeptical about the hours for its age, but his story seems to check out.

Is this a unit that I should consider? I have been reading some older reviews about this model, and they are mixed. Seems this unit is prone to have electrical problems. The current owner says he has had no problems, but with the hours they may have just not started to show up. All the positive reviews were from new or low hour users.

Your thoughts, and/or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. By the way, I have been taking to a local fella with a 1979 Power KIng with a belly mower. Did I say I could make a new hobby for myself?
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Welcome aboard want2be.
From what I've read the TG1860 was a very good mower and having a diesel engine is a definite plus. They're good for 1000's of hrs.

On 1st glance the hrs do sound very low. Most folks normally avg around 30 - 50 hrs a yr, what yr is that TG1860?

Being a lawn mower, it's not really designed to pull/operate a tiller or disc so keep that in mind. The engine would easily handle/pull the weight but extended use could damage the HST/drivetrain.
If you really want to operate ground engagement implements you should keep looking for a GT (garden tractor) or a small used CUT like, the B6100 you were originally interested in.
Like you said, the utility and benefits of an FEL cannot be understated :D

$4K sounds high and could just be the asking price. If I was interested I'd offer less and go from there......

Good luck
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