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I speak militray so (respectfully) try to keep up!

3 Acres/ Pretty Flat
Need something that can move dirt, rototill, and be reliable old iron with no CPU's in sight.
Budget Minded: Less than $7k
4wd would be nice, but maybe not a deal breaker
Sans Loader would be a deal breaker. (Welcome to Walmart, do you need a bucket?)

My 3 acre plot is not super labor intensive. Basically I need to maintain orchard rows and help the wife in her gardening endeavors. (Okay, mine too)

I usually steal my neighbors FUBAR Kubota L275 when I need to move dirt. But it hasn't seen any tender love' n care since Christ was Corporal; so I ask to use it sparingly. (You break you buy!)

I will most likely put less than 50 hours per year +/- on a rig, so I don't need anything fancy.

Moving Forward:

I've always been drawn to Japanese tractors. No real reason, I like quality, and I also like an underdog. I know JD fanboys will be upset, as they have Yanmar engines, but all their newer (enter tractor name brand here) looks like a slightly beefed up lawn mower and all look like they came out of the same factory. Plus when they started using plastic (everything) the old iron part of me said, "Nope!"

Been that I'm looking grey market, given Kubota's hostile position toward them, as far as parts and service goes, I'm ruling Kubota OUT! (Burn in **** Kubota USA)

That leaves (in my mind) Yanmar and possibly Mitsubishi.

So if you have experience in this area, and/or have experience in this arena, please let me know. If there is another grey market manufacturer that is not on my radar, please, by all means, chime in . . .

Go!! (y)

Kioti SCUT
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