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Been a member for just over a year, yet I have not posted, so I thought I'd introduce myself...

So, Hi.

Seriously though. My lawn & garden tractor history:

mid '80s (I was ~12) Dynamark 1040 (I think, old age setting in)
2000 - a 1999 Scotts (JD) 2046 (box store leftover) with plow, bagger Sold it with my house (it was a deal clincher)
2008 - a second hand 2006 CubCadet GT1554 with the 27hp Kohler Courage.
- Fixed PTO reverse wire (was grounding to frame)
- Replaced one deck mandrel
- Replaced drive belt (shredded on a hill!)
- Filled rear tires (windshield washer fluid)
- Rear tire chains
- Plow (from HD, stole it for $100)

2010 - Needed to get a tractor due to divorce, found a MINT 1986 ARIENS YT8

2010 - Brother just called, his Murray Select isn't starting and he went and bought a JD LA115, I can have the Murray if I want it (16.5 HP, 42" deck will be the snot out of the YT8, but the YT8 is ROCK SOLID).

In the years that have passed I've used various kubotas, fords, and others. I'm on the prowl for a used machine to brush hog about 8 acres...


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Hello Travis, glad you decided to post and say Howdy, I'm sure you've been enjoying the forums and hope that continues, best wishes on your quest for a tractor to do the brush hogging with :fing32:.
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