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Greetings from Md

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Hi all,

I found this forum while looking for a diagram or picture after I took apart the throttle/governor linkage on my Simplicity 12.5 LTH and couldn't figure out how to put it back together. The mower was my parents that they got when I was a kid and I had many fond memories of using. They inherited another rider and this one sat for years, I brought it home last year and cleaned the carb, lubed the deck and steering linkage and used it until recently, when the throttle cable seized. I found a universal cable at HDepot and in the process of changing it out, I soon had most of the shrouds off the engine and a huge pile of dirt on the floor. When I went to put the throttle linkage back together I realized I didn't pay close enough attention to the springs, there were 5-6 possible mounting points for only 2 springs. I t looked for wear marks in the mount holes and between that and some guess work I think I got it back together; so after hours of cleaning and reassembly, it fired right up and my fiancé promptly hopped on and drove it away from me to mow the grass. I was kinda looking forward to the reward for my labors, but at least it works now and the grass is finally mowed after 3 weeks.

After the mowing season ends I plan to refurbish the deck with new blades and bearings and buy or build a mulching setup and maybe keep an eye out for a plow. I’ll spend some time on this site checking out other mods.

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