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:howdy:Just a few quick lines about me:

My wife and I recently purchased a house that has about 3 acres to mow, and we worked a deal with the previous homeowners that included their John Deere LX 280 mower with a 54C deck.

the Lx 280 has 894 hours on it.

Last weekend I put 3 new blades on the deck, the Oregon Fusion mulching blades [$75 from Amazon], which improved the cut and made the discharge noticably smaller. (plus, the blades on it were in desperate need of sharpening).

I plan on replacing at least one front tire in the next week or two, do an oil/filter/fuel filter change, and hope it gets me through the end of the season without the front steering linkages coming apart. At that time, I'm seriously examining a purchase on a new 60 inch ZT mower, because I need to reduce the amount of time spent mowing to a minimum. (2 kids, and house that needs rehab/updating). I'm sure you'll see me soliciting thoughts (after getting frustrated with 100 different points of view using the search function.) :dunno:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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