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Hi y'all.

I'm somewhat of a double newbie today... this is my first post here (hi!) and I'm new to the whole world of motorized equipment. Sure, I've had a lawnmower before, but my garage is now full of things with engines, and most of them don't run - a ride-on mower, two push mowers, two and a half tillers, chipper, trimmer, and the latest addition - a rusty old snow blower with a good motor. For a techno-nerd used to dealing with bits and bytes, getting dirty and learning about spark plugs and oil and carburetors has been quite a trip, and I'm nowhere near done with learning new things.

Anyway, I don't really have a tractor yet, but I'm in the process of resuscitating a Toro 11-32 ride-on mower from 1984. I got it to start now, and it runs okay and moves around under it's own power, and I'd be out there mowing except it has a flat tire, and all attempts to remove the wheel have proven futile so far. When I get a new tire on it, my days of pushing a mower around the acre or so of lawn (a job I start on Monday and finish Saturday...) will be over. Yay!

One day (when I grow up!) I want to get a real tractor so I can take care of ten acres of pasture, but until then I drool at my neighbors Massey-Ferguson when he comes to mow and bale the hay.
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