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greetings from central PA

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This being my first post I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Bill (duh) and i reside in central PA. I have learned alot about small engines and lawn equipment from my father but I am not expert in the subject and I know just about enough to keep everything going. As of right now I have 2 tractors, a 42 inch craftsman that is constantly giving me fits and an old school snapper RER handle bar style that my father and I recently got up to par.

The snapper has had an engine transplant to a 11hp briggs and a recent bright red paint job. still working on wiring it up to turn on and off with a key rather than jump the starter, but for now it still has a set of cables wrapped around the rear stand bars. My father gave me the snapper last year after he purchased a non running craftsman 2 tractor from his neighbor for 30 bucks and the guy threw the snapper in as well to get it out of his back yard.
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Welcome Bill, lots of Snapper fans here.

Walt Conner
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