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Greetings and Salutations!

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I just realized I signed up to the forum, and have posted a couple of questions, but I never introduced myself. So hello! I'm not really a tractor buff, or anything. They're cool and all, but I didn't have one, and that didn't bother me. So I have no back ground with them, and little knowledge of anything tractor, other than they go, and they're more fun and useful than a lawn mower.
Growing up, my dad had a Wheel Horse 520-H with a tiller, snow thrower, mower deck, snow/dirt blade, dual wheel adapters, wheel weights, and a front end loader. More or less, all the good stuff, from what I can gather. I used it, never really thought about it as more than a big lawn mower, really. He got a Kuboto, parked the Wheel Horse, and all the attachments, in the woods, and left it sit for a few years. Then he gave it to my sister. She just used it as a snow plow in the winter, left it sit the rest of the year, and did no care for it, not even putting oil in it, let alone changing it. Blah blah blah more neglect and no care for years, flat tires, cracked lines, clogged filters... you get the point. I acquired it a year and a half or so ago by borrowing it, and refused to give it back after replacing all the filters, fluids, tires, and broken stuff. The front end loader still works, you can't really do much damage to a blade, but the tiller, mower deck, and snow thrower are all probably just scrap at this point, or only good for parts. I'm not even sure I have all the bits and pieces (pulleys, connecting bits, etc.) to make them work if they weren't a rusted mess.

About 6 months before i acquired the 520-H, I picked up a cheap 310-8 off the internet. It came with the blade, a snow thrower, tiller, and mower deck. No little pulleys for the tiller and snow thrower though, and no way to attach the snow thrower to the front end. The deck worked, and the blade was useful though. The rear tires are filled with some kind of fluid as well, they each weigh about a ton. I've done general maintenance to it as well.

Ok, there's the background on my 'tractors'. I'm not sure if I should call them lawn tractors, garden tractors, big lawn mowers, or Sally and Bill.

My background: I can turn a wrench, change oil and filters, spot a bad belt, and with googles help, replace it. I can usually spot if something is wrong or broken, and I know a guy I call to fix things out of my experience level/ I don't have time for. My wife and I bought a house with a 2 acre, partially wooded lot with a creek, so Sally and Bill are definitely a big help. I just wish I could get the attachments up and running, but that's a future maybe.

Ok, I'm guessing that's enough info for my introduction. Like I said, I have little experience, but I imagine I'll have lots of questions. Thanks for reading!
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Welcome to the forum! Glad to have you here. I'm a Deere 316 owner and I'm thinking that your snowblower will hook up to the tractor's frame, because The frame has the mounting points permanently there. And I can't imagine that the snowblower has its mtg bracket removed, because there is no reason to ever take it off.
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All of the mounting points are there, but from pictures I've seen, there's a rod, or bar connecting the back of the snow blower to the lift mechanism of the tractor. That's the part I dont have
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