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greasing the RER

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got the new clutch disk in, the blade sharpened and now started greasing the fittings in the deck, wheels.. Whats odd is that even after I clan the zerk fittings and even push in the spring loaded ball to be sure the fitting are not frozen, when I grease em , all the grease comes out around the zerk and nothing seems to be going in .. hmmm. Are there such things are metric vs standard tips on the grease guns or something? It seems to snap on nice and tight..
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Sometimes the grease cakes up behind the zerk fitting. I have taken an awl or "small" flat nose punch and gently tapped the ball portion of the zerk. Hopefully this will loosen up the zerk enough so the grease that is under pressure will begin to flow. Most of the time the pressurize grease will force out the caked up grease. The worst cse is you may have to replace a zerk either new or an old working one from an old u joint etc.

Seems to me that buying new zerks would be the ticket. After all the work & grief you have put into the old stuck ones and they still will not work. You could have put new ones in after testing them first and could have been on your way. Also check the adjustment on the grease gun coupling. I have to keep my gun's coupler adjusted so it will fit different model zerks. It could be snapping on to the zerk but still be to loose allowing the grease to spurt out.

1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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