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How can I tell a gray market B6000 compared to a domestic market tractor?

I've found a local B6000 and all markings are in English.

I noticed it doesn't have an hour meter, should it?

Should a light come on on the dash when I turn the knob to energize the glow plug?

The tractor has a up/down hydraulic with manual angle blade on the front, no other implements. It fired up pretty easily in 90 degree weather, who knows cold though. All mechanicals seemed in order, but the lights didn't work and the wiring was starting to look a little rough.
What would you all expect something like this to be worth?

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Heres a link for some B6000's for sale. You shuld get a good idea on pricing from it.

I'm not sure but I think that the glow plug lamp does have to lite when the glow plugs are energized. I say this because I think the current must flow through it inorder to get to the glowplugs. You can verify this w/a multimeter.
re easy starting. Thats a good sign that it starts right up. It's eitehr not been used very much or it's been rebuilt a they've been around for quite awhile now.

Be advised that the B6000's pto runs counter clockwise which makes it not compatable with the majority of N American made pto driven implements.
You'll either have to find an implement designed for CCW operation or purchase a pto reverser. Since both are specialized be prepared for sticker shock.
If you don't plan on adding a brush hog or RFM or tiller it won't be problem.

Good luck
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