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Gravely stump grinder

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I know at least Krislu has a stump grinder attachment. Anyone got any pics? Or anyone else own one? Looks like a need to own attachment.

I just watched a video online. Killer!
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nope I hadn't. The video is of shawns, I think it might even be sShawn in the video. He had the link on a Gravely site I belong to.
Interesting video but you'd think he would take the stump down as low as possible with a chainsaw first.
yeah that would have made the video 5 minutes shorter as well. I think he was just trying to show how effortless it took it down. I would have broke out the chainsaw 1st. Thats the 1st thing I said to my wife. Someday I'll own one of those.
I was quite impressed as well. I would love to run one on my C12 but your right, menuvering might me a little trickier. Might have to run it (after I get one that is) on the CI or the 51 L.

I think his phone # is on the other site. I'll have to take a look later on.
he and I have played phone tag a few times. If I remember correctly the drive, rebuilt, adds $175 to the price.
yeah I think I read that there. Thats where I found the video link. Shawn confirmed the prices on my voicemail. Now if I could line up a job or 2 grinding stumps I could justify this. :bannana:
1 - 6 of 14 Posts
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