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gravely starter sprocket

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Hi all new member here. Would anyone have any tips on how to take the starter sprocket assembly off of an old "L" model Gravely? The bearings in the assembly are frozen and I need to change the rear seal in the motor. Thanks, west penn.:fing20:
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There are free repair manuals at (old gravelys dot net) - courtesy of Gravely expert Chip Old and many other people. You can view and/or print old the repair manual portions that pertain to starter clutch assembly removal. I've known some guys that have been successful in removing the starter gear w/o placing a blocking device in the cylinder, but many will put either a block of wood or a length of rope inside the head cavity, in accordance with the manual's directions.
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West Penn, first off :Welcome1:

Great to have you in such a great place.

The starter clutch is a real bear to rebuild, from what I have been told. I have not ventured into one yet and really dreading the day that I have to.

The procedure that you are needing can be found here:

Be sure to check out the entire site. Lots and lots and lots of good stuff. :fing32:

Again, welcome and enjoy your stay.
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That's what I've been told as well - by a friend who's rebuilt several. There's 30 or so small bearings in that baby, now costing in excess of $10 each (don't quote me on the price). When replaced, you have to be careful to orient them properly. The friend I spoke with tried replacing only a third of the worn bearings at a time - with limited success.
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I have been told the same thing about the price and orientation. I have a spare that I would like to get into if I could just find the time and the spare cash.
I've got one spare clutch and a tractor it need to go on. Would definitely be nice to run across a bag of new bearings somewhere. I see that used clutches on E-Bay are running between $60 and $90 now - a couple of reliable sellers are still listing them.
Hmmm.... Think a pull strap is like $5. :D :D :D
Thanks for all the great information. The reason I need to get the sprocket off is to change the seal at the rear of the motor. A rope will work just fine for now but when I start it the oil runs everywhere. May also need a bearing. Thanks again for the info. west penn.:eek:mg:
If you want to keep the electric start feature, you might want to consider a good used unit - until you're able to get your hands on some spare roller cams (bearings) to fix your present clutch, or located someone to do it at a reasonable price. Seems like I read that up until a few years ago, those darn things were only about $5 each - and then Gravely (Ariens) bumped the pricing to about $15 each - for a little piece of metal about an inch long.
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