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Gravely Sprayer Question

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I have a tank sprayer for my Gravely. It had a Hypro piston pump that sort of worked but leaked and was totally rusted. So I bought a new Hypro pump to replace it. I replaced the lines and added a Hypro pulse damper (precharged to 800 psi)on the output. The new pump is rated 500 psi and 2gpm. The pump will quickly pump up to 500 psi and when I pull the spray trigger I get a great spay pattern but the pressure immediately falls to zero. I thought I might have received a bad pump so I borrowed another and installed it with the same result. I am at wits end to know what is going on. Would appreciate comments. Thanks
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Too large of an orifice at the wand end.

Smaller hole, less flow, higher pressure.
Smaller tip means it will spray farther too.

There is difference netween pressure and volume of a pump. Pump manufacturers give two ratings. One is max flow (usually at 0 psi) and the other is max pressure at 0 flow (gpm). Finding a nice balance is tough.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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