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Gravely Pro 50

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Can anybody tell me about the Gravely Pro 50? (Is this the correct forum to ask?) We found one for $250 that runs well, but is otherwise pretty rough. Deck is very rusty and all but gone. Missing shift lever, and where the rod goes to supply power to the left wheel there is a piece of wire. It has a Kaw engine, new muffler and it does start right up. I know nothing about Gravelys or walk-behinds. Belts are either frayed or broken. Does Gravely still make these mowers? Are parts pricey? Would this unit be worth the money to part-out? Asking for my son, but this looks like a pretty ambitious project. Thanks for any advice.
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I am moving your thread over to the Gravely forum where it can get more attention from Gravely owners/enthusiasts. Someone will be able to answer your questions.
You're in the Gravely forum now. You were in the general two wheel tractor forum.

I would have thought that your thread would have had some attention by now.

How about Pro guys, can you give any insight?
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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