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Gravely Paint

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Hey fellas, new to the site here. I just recently saved a 1957 gravely Model L from going to the scrap yard. A guy i know was going to sell it for scrap and I gave scrap metel for the trade. Took it home and cleaned the carb real good changed the oil and gave it a quick shot of starting fluid beings it has been in a barn for thirty years and it started right up and ran good. Dont know much bout them but they are very interesting. I am in the process of restoring it and got it all apart and was just wondering if there is somewhere you can find gravely paint. Any help would be appreciated.
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Congrats on getting the Gravely. The red paint on that tractor is the same as GM used in the 70s, and the paint code is >72<, medium red, also called Roman Red. :thThumbsU
Dan 2N
Welcome Mike! Good save! :wwp:
thanks all and i will get pictures up soon as i can

Welcome to the forum.

Nice trade and save. These tractors are very interesting and always worth saving from the crusher.

As has been mentioned, we are a graphically oriented bunch here. Pictures are always welcomed, and to some, a requirement. :biglaugh:
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Welcome bassmike!

I have a 1954 LI I'll be restoring. I'm a little confused on the paint color. Wasn't Medium Red from the 70's code 75? Also, I know some people have used Rustoleum Sunrise Red #7762830 with success.

Lastly, I believe Richard told me once that Van Sickle's Ford Red was a good match for this vintage Gravely.

Can anyone help clear up my confusion? Thanks
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The confusion comes from the different reds that were used over time. The tractor the OP is working on had a black transmission and more of a "red red." Over time they went to a more "orange red" and this is what is matched as one shade of "Hugger Orange / Chevy Orange." They then went back to a different "red red" mid 70's or so and I think it held through the end of the walk behinds.

All clear as mud? This is why it is hard to say "Which paint for my tractor?" What I have found works for me is to find someone who has restored a tractor you like the shade on, and then ask them. The great thing about the internet is you can see all of these different colors so quickly!

There was a color breakdown on the Yahoo! group I'll try to find today and post over here. It not only mentioned some of the 'reds' but also what parts on what years ranges were black, silver, etc.
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Well im not sure what color it was. My sulky is the orangish looking color and the walk behind itself was more red. I think i'll do what was posted and just find one my year on the net somewhere and and ask what color they used. But thanks for all the post. I am learning alot about gravely's already.
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Thankfully, I have a good recollection of my dad's LI. It definitely lacked the "orange" factor. I remember the gas tank straps as being black (I've seen some painted red) and the ONLY red components were the fan housing, gas tank, hood and choke control lever (bush hog too, of course). Every other painted surface was black. The only item I'm unsure of are the wheels. I think they were an aluminum color.

In the end, I'm going to have to rely on my gut instinct and memory. I know that the Van Sickle Ford Red looked very close. I want to make sure I avoid anything that leans toward the orange end of the spectrum, i.e., has a high yellow content.

Good luck, this is a tough one.
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The old Gravely Red/Orange is GM 514 paint code. That is from my factory training book dated 2003/2004
Ok.. here is a copy and paste from the Yahoo! Gravely Group discussing the painting of an LI of the vintage of the original poster. I apologize it is has some crazy formatting to it but I don't have time to clean it up right now.

Re: [Gravely Club] Re: 1956 LI Paint Scheme questions

I'm glad you found that, Rick. I was about to go digging through old posts
for it. Here are a couple of updates:

The "silver" Gravely used on the wheel hubs and manual start pulley was
aluminum paint, not a true silver. It's the stuff we used to paint exterior
oil tanks with. The same paint was also used on some attachments from the
very early years through the mid 1950s.

I said "cast iron fan blades". That should be steel, not cast iron, but red
is still the correct color.

The colors below are accurate from 1937 through almost the end of 1962, with
the minor difference noted by Ron C. At the end of 1962 Gravely gave the
Model L an extreme cosmetic makeover that resulted in the entire tractor
(except for hood and wheels) being painted an orangey red. Maybe that's what
you saw that confused you.

The cosmetic makeover also included new hood styles that cover the gas tank
and on the electric start version, also the battery. The new hoods are found
on a lot of older Model Ls as replacements. If you have on, it should be
white (Rustoleum Canvas White is a decent match).

Chip Old

On 7/7/10 9:15 PM, Rick <[email protected]> wrote:

> Here are the colors posted from to this same question from 2 of this
> sites leading posters and a few others. Rick
> Chip Old: Here's how my two 1962s (and my 1961) stack up in the paint
> color
> department. I've never repainted them,
> Transmission: Black
> Engine: Unpainted
> Magneto: Unpainted
> Handlebars: Black
> Handlebar Grips: Red
> Handlebar Brackets (on fan shroud): Red 1957 – Black
> Handlebar reinforcements: Black
> Clutch & Hi/Lo Control Levers: Red
> Control Lever Pivots: Red
> Control Lever Grips: Black
> Clutch Rods: Black
> PTO Shifter: Black
> Remote PTO Rod & Lever: Black
> Battery Tray: Red
> Battery Hold-Down Toolbox: Black
> Hood: red
> Aluminum fan pulley unpainted. Cast iron pulley red.
> Aluminum fan blades unpainted. Cast iron fan blades red.
> Fan Housing: Red
> Fan Shroud Brackets: Black
> Fuel Tank: Red
> Fuel Tank Bands: Red 194? - 1957 – Black
> Fuel Tank Band Brackets: Red 194? - 1957 – Black
> Manual Start Pulley: White
> Electric Start Clutch: Black
> Electric Start belt pulley (on crankshaft): Black
> Starter Motor Mounting Plate: Black
> Rear Hitch: Black
> Wheels: White 194? - 1957 – Black
> Wheel Hubs: White 194? - 1957 – Silver
> Governor Bracket: Black
> Ron Camerata I have a 1957 L, Serial M18302 with original paint and
> everything
> agrees with Chip's description for a 1961-1962 except the following:
> Tank bands- black
> Handlebar brackets to shroud- black
> Lever grips- red
> manual start pulley- silver
> hubs- silver
> wheels- black
> Fan Shroud Brackets- white
>> Does anyone know what the original paint scheme was for a 1956 LI
>> tractor? I am in the processing of restoring one and am confused by the
>> various "restorations" that I have seen posted in different places.
>> What parts of the tractor were painted black, red and white - i.e.
>> the hood, engine, wheel hubs, fan shroud etc. I really would appreciate
>> some help and pictures if they are available. Thanks.
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I didn't know there was a third color, that explains so much :banghead3

Good find Jimmy. The Regale Red was the color recommended for my '51.

Ah, gravely-power - I wish I had this "GM 514" paint code for my '69 clean up and painting this past year. I must of spent 10 hours trying to track down the best orange/red for that machine and I still don't think it's right.
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Thanks Jimmy and everybody else that had input on this topic.
I didn't know there was a third color, that explains so much :banghead3

Good find Jimmy. The Regale Red was the color recommended for my '51.

Ah, gravely-power - I wish I had this "GM 514" paint code for my '69 clean up and painting this past year. I must of spent 10 hours trying to track down the best orange/red for that machine and I still don't think it's right.
LOL! I'm awaiting delivery of a test spray can of what I hope is perfect matching Mustang red/orange while trying to resist using totally inappropriate new Gravely red on the 816 like I did on the 814, only because I liked the color. :bonk:


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It may not be "accurate" but compared to the brochures it looks fine.

I regretted not using the correct colors on my old 424, so this time around, "orange-y" or not, that's what I'm doing with the 816.
Wow, I'm extremely grateful for posting the Gravely Club information on the 1956 LI. It validates everything I remember right down to the aluminum painted wheels. I'm hoping to buy one of the newly fabricated hoods and leave dad's unrestored for posterity. Maybe I'll hang the hood on the living room wall with all its beautiful patina. :thThumbsU I already have extra fan housings and tanks. I have to get the decal from Craig Seabrook. Here is the tractor pre-restoration:

(Note the black fuel tank straps)

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Having restored many hit&miss engines and working for hours trying to find the correct color, I just try and get it close. Chances are they got paint from many manufactures and they were not all perfect with matching colors. Just get it close and hopefully no one will put a 4'X8' sign in your front yard stating that you painted your GRAVELY the wrong color.

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