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Gravely G Series Tractor w/ Snowblower

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Hello to all. I picked up a Gravely 14G Professional series tractor w/ rear mount Kohler back in May of this year. It was a (1) owner. It came with a 2 stage 40" snowblower, wheel weights, chains and Weather cab, as a result only has about 94 hours on it. Bought it to ultimately replace my Craftsman tractor.
The Gravely is clearly heavy duty for it's size and I've heard great things about the brand. However, I dont know anybody who has this set up. Many people have the walk behind models but not too many have the ride on models. Can anybody tell me how effective this set up is for blowing snow?
I still have my Craftsman GT6000 with a 18hp Kohler. It also has a blower but that is single stage belt driven. It has served me well with the exception of belts coming of in the middle of a couple of storms. There are no belts or shear pins on the Gravely (YEAH!)
The Gravely will replace the Craftsman for snowblowing next winter but ultimately I'll get rid of the Craftsman. In the mean time, I'd like to know what to expect "performance wise" from it before it snows.


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Greetings, MikeO. Glad you found us and dropped in.

Sounds like you have a good machine there. I am not familiar with the Gravely line, but there is a good following on this site. You'll undoubtedly get some good info.

I am going to put a copy of this thread down in the Gravely section and see if you get some more pertinant info. Hope it gets you the answers you are looking for.

Once again, welcome, and good luck with the new machine!
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Hi Mike.

Welcome to the forum. Sounds like you got a heck of a nice rig -- and with only 94 hours... wow!

I have a similar set-up to yours that I bought a couple of months ago (see my signature), so I've not plowed or blown snow with it yet. Mine has a 50" mowing deck, and I can tell you that it cuts grass better than anything I've ever used. These tractors are so rediculoulsly overbuilt that I can't imagine there's any snow that it won't move -- and move with ease.

Yeah... belts??? We don't need no stinking belts! :trink40:

Do you have any pics of yours? I'd love to see what that cab looks like.
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Mike, On a GRAVELY website you'll tend to get a biased view favoring GRAVELY. I presume there's Craftsman enthusiast websites. I was in Lowe's the other day & looked over a 25 hp Husqvarna. Got the impression my 20 hp GRAVELY 20-G would simply drag it away in a tug of war & even my GRAVELY 16-G might have more pulling power.

Snow blowers don't rely much on traction, they need HP. The Craftsman's "single stage" snow blower is likely to perform like a toy compared to GRAVELY's 2 stage unit, even though its only 14 HP. However you neglected to mention the Craftsman's width & it is a substantial difference in HP. The GRAVELY is very obviously built much more heavily. Personally I greatly prefer the GRAVELY snow/dozer blade for snow removal.

PS: If you ever decide you want to mow w/your GRAVELY G Series you'll find that 40, 50, 60 & 72 inch GRAVELY decks all rely on "stinking belts".
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From what I've seen there is no better machine to throw snow with. I think you will be impressed. Make sure you let us know what you think after the first snow storm. Sounds like you got yourself a great machine with low hours. Good luck with it and welcome to the forum. Ed
Thanks to everyone for your quick response. I will post Pictures when I put the cab back on for those who requested pictures. I took it off to clean up some peeling paint under the foot rest areas on each side during the summer.

Thanks again, can't wait to use it.
Don't have a deck with mine, which explains the low hours but eventually I'll get one. Then I'll sell my Craftsman.
My Craftsman has an 18hp horizontal shaft Kohler but the blower is only 42" wide and is single stage. As for the hp difference we'll see how it does. It's belt belt driven unlike the Gravely. Obviously the Gravely is very HD but as said the Craftsman has done it's job until now. It also a Hydro which had never been an issue. No real complaints execpt for the belt issue with the blower. Not fun in the middle of a storm.
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