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Gravely CI year and information please help

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hello ladies and gentlemen I am kind of new here I recently aquired a gravely CI and was wondering how to get information on this fine piece of machinery? Thus far i have not found any number that even remotely resemble a model number per say every number that i have found( on the trans, the generator startor, fan shroud ect) all have one thing in common they all have a 28 either at the begining or ending or the set(s) of numbers could this be the year of the machine? also I need to find a illustrated repair manual or something for the generator and coil as well as what i call a general consinsus of the rest of the mower I used to own a studabaker gravely li/l8 Not sure of the correct spelling. If any can help here is one of my email addresses please contact me.
[email protected]

P.P.S. this particular mower was a single owner mower and was ran and maintained by the Kentucky state park association. so you can imagine the shape of the mower currently(they run them till they drop with very little maintenance and repairs) ;-)
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First of all,:MTF_wel2:. You've come to the right place for info and help. There are alot of knowledgable guys here that can answer your every question.

To answer your first question: Here is a link to There is alot of great info for the Gravely owner/enthusiast. This link will give you info on identifying your tractor.

As for the manual, here is a link to a page that you should be able to find a manual for once you have identified the tractor you have.

Good luck. I'm sure somone will be along to supplement this information with their own good advice and info.
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