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Gravely 8123 Trying fix up--PTO--Photo coming

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I have a 8123 came with snow blower--deck--wood chipper BUT has NO pto shafts at all to run this thing??

I need the main one from trans to front axle --about 35 inchs
And 1/2 one to mowing deck--Trans to deck with male squar end and 15 spline
And one from front 15 spline to snow blower which is 13 spline and 7/8
And 1/2 one to wood chipper 15 female to female 3/4 x 7/8 shaft

I looked on e-bay and there nuts with prices for these, Any ideas?? I would like to be able to buy just the splined u-joints and shaft and make them myself also.

Heck it suppose to run ok but have to clean gas tank and carb out see if it runs?? Think I got a mess?? Photos next few Days of this thing,,
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HI, I found all parts I need for the pto shafts on line for 238 and That will take care of that problem, Another note I just got it running and sounds good and I have 28 to 30 AC volts coming from engine but nothing charging the battery?? Batt has 12.48 before running engine and same while running?? So is that enough AC am thinking voltage regulator is bad??? Has K301S
30ac is a touch low but should still charge. I would try a regulator. But first make sure you have battery voltage to it with key on and also a good ground to the regulator. Otherwise like bad regulator. Should be atleast 13.2 dc volts while running. Up to about 14.2 is good
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