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I dismounted a wheel today. Everything fine but "found" a completely unused steering brake. There was a small oil leakage so I rather exchange all seals and gaskets before I put it together again.

I have two questions:
1) Where can I find the appropriate seals and gaskets. According to the IPL, it should be the following
  • Part No.: 10384P1 Gasket, Bearing cap
  • Part No.: 12590P1 Seal, Oil; 1.000 x 1.503 x .500
  • Are there any other seals or gaskts that should be exchanged at the same time?
  • Part No.: 13412P1 Nut, Lock 5/8-18 L.T. What does L.T. stand for, maybe Left Turn? However, when I checked the turning direction of the nut on the right side, from the operator view point, I had to turn the nut like any other nut, i.e. clockwise
2) The steering brake is there but has never been used and there no handles or something like to operate them. I know there exist a Steering Brake Kit but I doubt there is any chance to find this in Europe. However, wouldn't it be possible to use something like motorbike levers mounted on the bars, one for each wheel, connected via suitable bowden cables to operate the brakes. Maybe the levers can be equipped with some sort of locking possibility to use the brakes as parking brakes, could be useful on my quite hilly ground. What's your opinion?


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