Per my post in the Gravely tractor forum, I am selling my 50” mower deck (it has been unused for the past 5+ years – since purchasing a JD zero turn and relegating the Gravely 8179G to snow-only duty).

I bought a new 50” deck shell 6 years ago from Richard’s – along with MANY other new parts since at the time, a new, fully complete deck could still be had for between $1,800 and $2,000. AFAIK, that is no longer the case and a look at the latest parts prices tells me if you have a Gravely and want to keep mowing with it, my deck and all related parts I have should be attractive.

I paid $330 w/shipping 6 years ago for the new deck shell (with the reinforcing steel bead on the front lip). That part today is $659 plus shipping!

I could have simply parted out the deck and sold all the parts for far more than I think this is worth – but of course, it’s only worth what someone is willing to pay! I’ve got well over $700 of recent parts into this deck and given the fact you can’t buy a complete new one any longer, please message me with your best offer!

Here’s a little info from my recent Richard’s search on part prices (and I’ll note what things are essentially new/replaced 6 years ago when I rebuilt the deck with the new shell and other new parts):

58810100 – 50” reinforced deck shell $650.95 (replaced new 6 years ago)
21252200 – deck weldment support plate $197.95 (used my existing plate, not replaced)
08933400 – LH pulley cover $79.95 (used my existing cover)
08933500 – RH pulley cover $79.95 (used my existing cover)
08933500 – 3.5” pulley sheave $77.50 (replaced 1, used 1 existing and replaced 1 w/2.5” pulley)
2.5” pulley sheave $106.45 (1 new for faster blade speed plus 1 new not on deck)
08561300 – Gear housing support plate $157.25 (used existing, not replaced)
08522800 – Mower pivots (2 needed) $21.95 ea (replaced both mower pivots)
08522700 – Mower pivot spacers (2 needed) $14.95 ea (replaced both mower pivot spacers)
21156400 – Pivot arm $219.40 (used existing, not replaced)
58802800 – Spindle shaft (3 needed) $75.95 (replaced all 3 spindle shafts)
08722700 – Hubs (3 needed) $103.90 (replaced all 3 hubs)
00145555 – Bearing set (3 needed) $21.95 (I replaced all bearing sets with made in USA Timkens, set 2 and set 14 needed – along with new washers and spacers for building each all replaced new)

In addition, I can either sell separately or include in the package (presuming the offer for everything is acceptable) the following items:

2 – used spindle hubs
2 – 3.5” splined pulley sheaves in VG condition
1 – 2.5” splined pulley sheave (used on 40” decks, when used w/50” deck, gives faster blade speed)
1 – new splined spindle shaft and new grease fittings
1 pair of Set #2 Timken bearings
1 pair of Set #14 Timken bearings
6 – (2 complete sets) Gator Mulcher Magnum blades #90-723 (these typically sell for $29.95/blade)
6 – (2 complete sets) of USED Gator Mulcher Magnum blades (these are quite usable, lots of life left)

Would love to sell everything as a bundle (if you’re a Pickers fan!) including all of the parts/blades above.
Please make me your best offer.
Thanks for looking!