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Gravely 432 / york rake

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I am looking to purchase a Gravely 432 to pull a 60" york rake and other pulling duties where more power and traction is required than can be provided by a L or C8. The rake manual recommends a 12-15HP tractor. The Gravely 432 has a 13 or 14HP Kohler. I am currently using the rake with my church's JD GT245 with a 20HP Kawasaki and that works OK. (Would be better if I mounted the weights.) Is the Gravely 432 capable of this application? Does the drawbar have a height adjustment? The 432 has turf tires and chains. I may change to ag tires with weights or filled tires or all of the preceding to maximize traction. This will be my first Gravely rider.

1950 L, 1954 L, 1969 C8, 1971 C8, (WTB 5665)
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As to the Kohler 14 horse. They have plenty of power to pull the York rake.
Having just rebuilding the trans on a 432 you’ll be hard pressed to find one that’s more stout.
What Cadplans (non green lover) stated. "Sorry just a little dig". A good 10 horse would do the job.
I’d like to hook it to the back on my 140 and drag it around.
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