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Gravely 430 Parts - Steering Gear

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Is there a good place to find parts? I need the steering gear as the middle 'teeth' have worn down. I found one on ebay for $100 but I was wondering if there were alternatives from ebay or CL. Thanks!
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You can save those gears. Basically you have to grind it shorter on the bottom and add a washer or washers to the top and it will drive the mesh tighter if its the old style gears and not the box. Check out my vid and or the 68 430 thread on mtf here

Start at 4:53 ish I get into the steering
Thanks for the video! This is an awesome fix - going to give it a shot this weekend. Haven't grinded metal before but we'll see how it goes.
Main thing I will say is take your time and grind alittle at a time test fit. And try not to over grind, then have a whole bunch of washers top and bottom. But to fine tune it you can do that if needed
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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