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Grasshopper 614-616 discussion

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I bought a zero-turn tractor, the GrassHopper 614T. It's my first tractor and I chose this one because it was at a relatively good price and that I trusted this professional series.

I have a house on a terrain with high difference in levels. I think I have made a good choice because I don't think I would have been able to cut the grass with a normal tractor, the slopes are too abrupt.

Now, I have the after sale service from the distributor, but I don't think they can answer all my questions. So, I thought I would find some answers in this forum. Unfortunately, there is one user called GrassHopper, so any search with this word doesn't give any useful result. If anybody here got a GrassHopper tractor, I would like to discuss with him.

There are many things I would like to discuss, but the most important for now is the mower installation. Last week, I unattached it from the tractor by error when I was trying to get out of where I was stuck (between the wood and a slope). It took me one hour to reinstall the mower. I had to lift the mower myself and move the tractor at the same time. It wasn't easy!

So, anybody here can give me some tips?
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