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Grapple for 1025R

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Has anyone added an aftermarket grapple and 3rd valve to their 1025R? I have a 120R loader and am interested in adding a lightweight grapple and valve to run it. I know the grapple needs to be as light as possible so as to not lower too much of the lifting capacity. I realize the limited weight I can lift but I think I would get a lot of use from a grapple. Any suggestions and comments will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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Do a search for threads about grapples. There have been a few over the years, including at least one with details of construction.
Thanks for the replies.
W R Long makes a couple different styles of Grapples for a pretty competitive price point.
I have the Everything Attachments Wicked Root Grapple. I'm very satisfied with it. Weight isn't such an issue with a grapple, as wood isn't nearly as dense/heavy as earth.

I have the Artillian third function diverter, for the third circuit. At the time I purchased my 1025R (2017), JD was not offering a third function solution. They do now.

The Artillian Diverter does the job, but I had to replace the kit supplied hoses from the diverter to the couplers with longer hoses, as they were short and made it difficult to dismount/mount the FEL. The button box that tie wraps to the joystick handle is rather hokey, in my opinion. I ultimately replaced it with another.

By the time I total it all up, I believe the JD third function hydraulics kits would be less money. Moreover, it is a true third function--not a diverter FEL hang-on. Also, the hydraulic lines that install on the FEL are hard lines, not hose.

The cons with the JD kit are it is not compatible with the mower deck Independent Lift option, which both my 1025Rs have. Also, it is not compatible with the older Power Beyond (pre 260B backhoe) as the the hydraulic couplers for the 260B were re-located and one of kit lines connects to one of the couplers.
Thanks for the responses. I decided to go with the 55" Wicked Grapple and W R Long 3rd function valve from Everything Attachments. The build date on my grapple is approx. 2 1/2 months from the order date but I received the valve within 3 days. I have MS so I work at my own pace when I feel like it so it took me part of several days to install the valve and to get it like I wanted it. I am expecting the grapple some time in Oct(maybe). The Long valve is very well constructed and everything for installation came with it except for a multitude of cable ties that I used. The instructions could be much better(maybe some pictures), and the hoses going to the valve from the power beyond port are both about 20" too long. There is not a lot of room to loop hyd. hoses underneath a 1025R. I'm afraid I will have to replace the hose from the rear diff. housing to the new valve at some point from it getting moved and rubbing against the RR tire. I will get a new hose with a 90 degree fitting on the housing end when I have to replace it and also do away with some of the length. I found that if I removed the RR tire I had plenty of access to almost all of the nuts and bolts that had to be removed. As I said earlier, there is not much working room on a 1025R so the seat and RR fender have to be removed. I couldn't find any videos on removing the fender so it was trial and error. I finally got it all back together and didn't have any parts left over, which is a win for me. I can't be sure that the new valve works until the grapple arrives, but at least the solenoid clicks when I turn the ignition switch on. I will post my feelings on the grapple when it arrives. Thanks again, for all comments.
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