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Grab handle and cart mod pics.

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So I went to Lowes to pick up some lumber to make sides for my cart and while I was there I came across the handles that someone linked me to in another thread and I bought a set.

I want to post a photo and you can tell me what you think. I am not fond of them being yellow so I am thinking maybe a can of Krylon Fusion in black would do them justice.

Also posting up some photos of the sides I am working on for the cart.

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I think the 1x10" boards will be a lot stronger than smaller ones,though the thinner ones do look a bit more stylish..but function wins over good looks right?..I guess the handles look OK ,but personally,I dont see any need for them,but to each his own..

When driving my MTD I need one hand on the steering wheel (both would be better!) and one on the shifter on the fender for the hydro,(which I think is a pain,I'm NOT left handed and the shifter is on the left fender..a foot pedal would be much prefereable!) both of my hands are too busy to be holding any grab handles..

I made some taller sides for a tow cart I had out of old bed frame angle iron,I made a frame out of it,welded it together, and used 3/8" plywood to box it in..very sturdy,but the bummer is if you want to remove it,it comes off in one 3 sided "unitized" peice ,thats very heavy and combersome to remove alone! was a mother to drill the holes in that bed frame angle iron too,I burnt up at least 4 new drill bits,and I ended up blowing holes in it with my arc welder instead for the bolts,that stuff is hard as glass in spots!..

I also made another different set of sides later on,that can be removed individually..being ever frugal,I opted to use some free pallets I got for firewood,but decided the red oak 1x4s four feet long were too nice to just burn,they had no knots, and were nice and straight..those sides were pretty heavy too though,good thing they came apart in 3 peices..I did use angle iron on the inner corners ,bolted to the side panels, and pinned to the front panel,to keep them from bowing outward once the cart was loaded with logs
..I've made a lot of stuff from pallets,including the woodshed I keep the firewood in!..cant beat FREE wood,even if it is a lot of labor taking them apart carefully enough to salvage it for re-use..
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Brett,I can see if your mowing on hills,where the grab handles would be a good thing to have!..

I remebered on one cart I have with taller plywood sides I made,I used a pair of old door hinges on the upper corners on the inside to lock the side and front panels together--I'd pull the hinge pins out if I wanted to remove one or both sides..on a firewood cart I use in my garage I added higher sides too hold more wood,I didn't realize as the wood was used up I couldn't stoop over far enough to REACH the wood once it was a foot or less off the bottom of it--so I ended up sawing one side in half and hinging it,so I could unfold it and reach the wood!--I used one of those barrel bolt door catch things on it to hold it shut..
I can see using them for a good place to grab onto,to drag the tractor out of the mud or a rut if it got stuck or hung up on something,but not as grab handles really,due to reasons I listed earlier,plus I'd fear grabbing the spinning tire accidentally too,they are pretty close to it..:eek:..

The door hinges I used with the pins removeable, are about all the ready made stake side brackets are,for a lot less $$..I found several old doors at the dump,all I needed was a screwdriver! ..:D
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