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Grab handle and cart mod pics.

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So I went to Lowes to pick up some lumber to make sides for my cart and while I was there I came across the handles that someone linked me to in another thread and I bought a set.

I want to post a photo and you can tell me what you think. I am not fond of them being yellow so I am thinking maybe a can of Krylon Fusion in black would do them justice.

Also posting up some photos of the sides I am working on for the cart.

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Thanks Tvern,

I was thinking the same thing, they are well places (just stuck on with double faced tape to "test" the location) they need painted BLACK! :)

I have to run down to the hardware store to get some wood screws and some bolts/nuts for the handles anyway, so I will pick up some Fusion Black when I am there.
I just used gloss black Krylon Fusion, it supposedly bonds with the plastic (I'm thinking because it contains Naptha, Toulene etc, it "melts" into the plastic).

So they are sprayed and mounted and turned out GREAT! They look OEM... Photos are uploaded to my photobucket as we speak. As soon as they finish I will post them up.
Okay here we go with the good photos! :)

Grab handle close up, mounted with 1/4" x 1" machine bolts, washers and Nyloc nuts. Painted with Krylon Fusion gloss black.

Low angle artsy shot of the tractor/cart.

I used planed 1x10x4 pine for everything. The slots in the cart are 3/4 x 2 and 1" Pine is only 3/4" thick, so I just set the fence on the table saw and ripped the board down to 2" strips for the stakes. I secured the sides with black phosphate drywall/wood screws. I should have used metal angle braces in the corners and probably will do that at some point. I wasn't too worried about finish since I used pine. I would have used Poplar but **** it was expensive and I couldn't justify spending $100 in wood for the cart.

I probably made the sides too high, since I have a hard time reaching over them. But I transport my garbage cans to the road in the back, and didn't want them falling out.
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Thanks but it's just photography tricks! The cart has to stay green so it matches the next tractor. :)


See you had to go and post photos of your rails and now I need to rip mine apart...... Yours look way more proportional than mine! And **** if that Brinly cart ain't the same as the 10P. I "had a feeling" it was, but couldn't see one out of the box...


Thanks for the idea about doing pockets. They sell metal corner braces at the hardware store cheap, I could just use those, but after seeing what Tvern did with his cart, I may have to cut my sides down into three rows. I even like how his rails stop at the last stake rather than overhang...

The bolts are Grade 5 (three tick marks)
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My sides look like Tvern's sides now :) My sides were too high and too unruly to remove. It looks more stylish and will be easier to take the stakes out.

Now I need to get some hasps for the corners.

I'm beat :)


I need the handle because when I am mowing across the hill side in my yard at the top, I slide around in the seat and the arm rests are honestly useless! At least I can "prop" myself in the seat this way.
I made my wood sideboards four-sided with the rear section sloped to match the angle on the cart. I initially built it to haul leaves before I got my sweeper. Now I use the sideboards to haul brush over to my burn pile.

Mostly I use the poly cart to haul firewood.


That's quite a load!

Your signature says the Brinly cart is 17 Cubic feet. The JD cart is the same cart and it's only 10. I'm cornfused! :)
I went down to the hardware store and bought some turnbuckles, S hooks and Eye's. I put the eyes in the front corners, put backer blocks on the inside of the side rails and crimped the S hooks onto the turnbuckles. It's overly elaborate I know, but it's adjustable tension wise :)

My Rev 1.0 projects are always overkill and Rev 1.5a always brings me down to reality! I like the way they look now (will need to take photos) but I am a little ticked that the Brinly car is 7 Cubic Feet bigger because I WAS going to buy that cart and it would have at least matched my tractor (and was cheaper by 20 or so dollars!) *pouts*

I tested the grab handles today, I didn't mow the grass but I did drive up on the slope and they worked just as expected, very sturdy and I was able to brace myself and stay in the seat... Of course the tractor still sputtered, next on the list? Defeat seat switch.... Zip ties!
Here are a few quick snaps of the modified front and sides and the turnbuckle setup.

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FYI.... The Grab Handles worked FLAWLESSLY! I just mowed the grass tonight and was able to mow between the pole and guide wire (slope) and hold on.... :)
The handle is for mowing across slopes, not up and down them... My slope is just steep enough that when I mow across it, I slide out of the seat, and two hands on the wheel does nothing... The tractor starts sputtering and missing (seat switch). With the handles? NO Problem!
She sputters because I have to engauge the "Butt Slider, Ballast" device :)

I need to zip tie that switch to always closed.
Super sensitive operator presence seat safety switch.

Mine is not so sensitive. I can hang my butt completely off the seat with just my left thigh on the seat and the gear selector in an obscene place.

Mental Note: Don't tough the shifter on LLigetfa's tractor.... Check!...

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